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2 min readSep 28, 2023

Spoiler Alert: It’s not motivational content. It is purely for a person who needs a Much Needed Break right now !!

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Let’s assume it’s a Friday night,

You may be an employee who has left some pending work in the office which should be done first thing next monday morning.

Or you may be a student who has been studying 10 hours per day for the past 2 weeks consecutively to clear your board exam which is next month.

Or you may be a self employee/freelancer who doesn’t care about the weekdays and weekends logics and have to work on every day of a week in order to close your debts you have.

Or you may be a businessman who owns and runs a startup company and has to meet up with clients even if it is on weekends just to impress them to get the business done, in order to achieve the company target this year which is already 5 percent behind the expected growth percentage.

I know you all are having this tight schedule and working cycle to make your future brighter not only for you and for your family as well. Then you know, obviously you deserve your dreams to come true and your work pays you well eventually.

But do you know what you deserve or need right now ?

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Your eyes need some sleep.

Your mind wants some calmness.

Your body needs some energetic refreshment.

And ofcourse, your heart needs its own time to beat just for you.

Literally you need to spend this whole weekend just for yourself. Spending these 2 days completely on what you like and what you want to do apart from work and study.

Right now, all you deserve is a Much Needed Break !!

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Why do you need a break ?

What is a ‘break’?

Work can wait, Time doesn’t !!

Thanks for reading !! ☺

How do you feel after reading this ???
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